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We can talk about how awesome we are all day long, but we know you want to hear from someone like you.

"We recently transitioned to Rubber Tree from another CRM platform. Our implementation with Rubber Tree has been one of the easiest that I have dealt with over my 25 year career at Wyatt Seal. We have only been live on the system for a couple of months and I am continually finding new ways to use the software.


Whether it is to help our salesreps quickly access information about their accounts, stay on track with projects, or allowing management to view critical information to drive decision making processes, Rubber Tree has already proven to be a valuable addition. With our previous processes, determining sales for each of our salesreps could take up to a week of writing complicated queries. Now with Rubber Tree, I was able to get this information within minutes.


But overall, the biggest factor in making this transition successful, has been the people. Every single person that I have spoken to at Rubber Tree has been professional, helpful and friendly. They are willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the software is doing what we expect it to do. They have also been willing to work on enhancements to the software. This has been the biggest change for us. We feel like Rubber Tree is a true partner."




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We get it, software implementation can be rough. This is why our team works hard to make the process as easy as possible. We strive to be the best implementation you have gone through with new software.

Our process is simple, we need a connection to your ERP database, information on your business rules, and someone to help us verify the data. 

Too good to be true? We can provide customer references who have recently completed their implementation process. 

"We have been nothing but impressed and pleased with your team and your product... We have been through many different implementations over the years and nothing has been so pleasant as this.  Your product is exactly what you said it was and that I cannot say for many things we have purchased over the years."


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Training and User Adoption

The other dreaded issue with new software: user adoption. We hear this from so many potential users. Our user experience focuses on simplicity and ease of use to encourage even non-technical users to give it a chance. Once users find out how easy it is to find the information they need, they are hooked. 

And we make sure users can trust the data in front of them. Nobody wants to use software that provides irrelevant or incorrect data. When they know they can rely on the data, they will go back anytime a question comes up. 

Our training is included in the monthly subscription. After implementation, we do user training and admin training to get all users comfortable with navigating and using the software. 

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"I do think that’s one of the best training sessions I’ve sat through.  She was clear, she didn’t dumb it down or conversely assume we knew everything.
She used real-world examples of data pertinent to our daily lives and then also discussed other ways to use the information should we choose to dive a little deeper. "


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Support and Requests for Enhancements

Support has been our focus at Rubber Tree Systems since day one. All our team members truly want to provide a great customer experience and make your work-life easier. 

We are proud of our consistently high customer support ratings: 99.4% since 2018. Support and enhancements are included in our monthly subscription and we do not send any surprise bills.

Our products are customer-driven. We welcome requests for enhancements and ask users to give us feedback on new features. Our customer success team reviews all requests and then prioritizes and schedules them for development. 

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"I have been very pleased with the support at Rubbertree! They have been extremely responsive with items that they can fix for us right away. They have a great tool in the Forum as well. We LOVE the online platform and the fact that it feeds information back and forth from our ERP almost immediately. I would highly recommend Rubbertree!"


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Data Available in Unforeseen Circumstances

We sync your data multiple times an hour and maintain the latest copy. This has been extremely beneficial for the customers who have been targeted for their data. We hold enough data to keep your business running if your ERP would need to be shut down for any reason. 

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"Last year we were breached with a Ransomware attack. We immediately shut everything down while we decided our next course of action.  We made the decision to rebuild our systems from scratch to ensure there were no remnants of the virus left in our network. This was a daunting task that required a lot of assistance from our technology partners. RubberTree was very responsive and understood the urgency in getting Rubber Tree and WebQuery operational in short order.

With our Rubber Tree data in the cloud, access to our customer information was almost seamless. This allowed us to quickly communicate with our customers informing them of our situation and maintain communications as we went through the recovery process.  Access to Rubber Tree allowed us to see detailed information for items, pricing, orders, invoicing, etc.  This was critical for us in the initial days after the breach as we continued to process orders for our customers. RubberTree also helped us get WebQuery back into production quickly. This was equally critical as we have a lot of customizations and custom reports our customers are dependent upon.

I couldn’t have been happier with the response and support we received from Brian Kazmierczak and the Rubber Tree staff. I look forward to continuing this great relationship."


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