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For Sales Managers is built to make your sales team more effective and enable reps to spend more time with the customer and less time using complicated technology.

Monitor Customer Pipeline

Easily view opportunities, sales calls, leads and prospects right from your phone or tablet. Track your pipeline, prospect to customer conversion rate and more. Using our built in CRM or integrated ERP CRM, be fully informed on what your sales reps are doing and when.

Analyze Sales Performance

Analyze your sales by sales rep, customer, supplier, parts, location and more. See who is up and down with our leaders and bleeders report to find potential soft spots in your business.

Adopt New Technology with Ease

The most common hurdle sales managers have to overcome when implementing new technology is adaptation. Our software is built with ease of use first to accommodate non-technical users. We also understand what's important to sales reps through constant feedback and experience in distribution. 

Build Dashboards Relevant to Your Team

Quickly build a new dashboard and share it with your team. Add the key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics that you already track for your team. Our user permissions will show them their territory data.

Fit the Technology to Your Process

We believe our customers should not have to change their sales process to become more effective. Our software is designed to enable your current process to be more efficient with access to more data.

Let's Work Together

Quote Mark

 "We have been through many different implementations over the years and nothing has been so pleasant as this.  Your product is exactly what you said it was and that I cannot say for many things we have purchased over the years. Kudos to you for building a great team who built a great product!"


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