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For Sales is built for sales professionals to provide relevant information that helps serve the customer better. Our software is designed for ease of use so you can spend more time selling.  

Quick Access to Important Customer Data

View customer detail all on one screen. With the comprehensive customer overview, you no longer have to dig into multiple systems or screens for all of the data about the account. With this powerful information, you can walk into a customer and know the status of every transaction in your back-end ERP system.

Custom Notifications to Your Inbox

Easy to use mobile notification setup allows your sales reps and sales managers to set up specific alerts based on dollar amounts, margins, customer inactivity, and more! 

Easy Call and Activity Logging

Forms are built by your company so that only relevant data is collected. Our goal is to make call logging quick so that you can spend your time with customers. 

Access to Current Inventory and Pricing

Look up inventory and pricing for customers from anywhere. You can trust the pricing is correct with our ability to pull in special pricing. Data is refreshed multiple times an hour to give you up-to-date quantities. 

Simple Integration to Maps

Our Google Maps integration makes it easy to plan your day. Search by customer, prospect, or ship-to location to create a Google Maps route right from your Rubber Tree app. You can save routes, calculate travel times based on historical traffic, and more!

Take it With You is built for mobile devices first. Quickly access the information you need right from your smartphone. Customer mode allows you to share information with customers without sharing margin or cost information.

Let's Work Together

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