Simple, Hassle Free, Mobile Sales Software

Trust the LEADER in Sales Force Mobilization for ERP

Over 170 companies trust Rubber Tree Systems for their sales force mobilization needs. Rubber Tree has a proven track record with our technology, history, and most importantly, our development and support staff. Our simple to use UI and hassle free, fully hosted software allows our customers to concentrate on their day to day business, not maintaining another software system.

The Rubber Tree Difference

  • Simple UI for quick access to the most relevant information

  • Low cost entry and simple monthly pricing

  • Fully hosted in our tier 4 datacenter for maximum security

  • No contract, no hidden costs.

  • Available on phone, tablet and desktop

Mobile Sales Dashboard

With moBI-ERP, you can easily view all of your sales, order, quote, PO and vendor data in one place. Our mobile sales dashboard is a quick view from top to bottom of all sales related transactions in the system. Simply drill down to find detail on every transaction that is related to your sales rep number in your system. Find inventory, track transactions and follow up with your customers with the confidence that you know what's going on with their account.

Comprehensive Customer Detail

View all of your customer detail in one screen. You can easily view addresses, tasks, contacts, phone numbers, AR, sales, open order and quotes, as well as item history. With our comprehensive customer overview screen, you no longer have to dig into multiple systems or screens for all of your data about your account. With this powerful information, you can walk into a customer and know the status on every transaction in your back end ERP system.


Easy Mobile Alert Setup

Easy to use mobile alert setup allows your sales reps and sales managers to setup specific alerts based on dollar amounts, margins, customer inactivity and more! Not only can the user manage their global alerts for all named accounts, but they can also manage individual customer alerts for accounts that may need more detailed attention.

Once your alerts are setup, we immediately start notifying you about transactions when your requested parameters are matched in the system.

Mobile Order Alerts

Our mobile alerts will notify your sales rep or sales manager on any device with email. Whether you are in the office or on the road, our alerts are designed to keep you informed on any transaction you may need to know about.

Setup your alerts and go about your daily routine. We will make sure you are notified when customers are active in your back office system.


Imagine being able to answer your customer's questions about orders, quotes, shipments, AR and more, all from your tablet or smartphone. With our detailed order and quote screens, you can answer your customer face to face instead of having to call back into the office or making your customer wait for the answer.

Universal Search

With our universal search box, you can instantly search all customers, prospects, orders, quotes and CRM activity in one simple box. The universal search is a great way to find what you are looking for, quickly and easily, directly from the front of your tablet.